Class C motorhomes offer the best value for young families and seniors looking to get into the RV life and are a popular choice among both weekend warriors and RV lifers in the Sammamish area. Though approximately proportional in size to a general purpose moving/panel truck, Class C RVs can be outfitted with every amenity and luxury that one might expect to find on their larger Class A cousins (and many models offer more available sleeping spaces than some Class A RVs).

Used Class C RV For Sale in Sammamish

Class C Motorhomes for Sammamish Adventurers

Often referred to as a mini-motorhome, the Class C has remained one of the most popular RV classes for decades due to its significantly higher value to cost ratio. The primary reason for its popularity has a lot to do with the fact that it is only one rung on the ladder below Class A in terms of luxury and size. A Class C can be customized more easily to sleep large families on vacation. Furthermore, Class C RVs offer a wide variety of slide-outs and many additional features that can be added as upgrades on newer, more modular Class C vehicles.

Here are just a few of the many reasons that Class C RVs remain one of the most popular RV models:

  • Better maneuverability and a shallow learning curve: Drivers who have operated moving trucks or delivery trucks will find that the Class C drives much the same, with similar handling in tight spaces or when parking.
  • Connected cabin: The driving compartment is directly accessible from the living quarters of a Class C, meaning there is no need to stop or use an intercom/radio to communicate with passengers in the back.
  • Crash safety: In terms of overall design and crash safety, Class C RVs are among the safest to drive when it comes to accidents and collisions.
  • Plenty of power: Need to tow that fishing boat or a separate vehicle? Any Class C has a powerful enough engine that towing cars or boats is easy with a tow hitch attachment.
  • Energy efficient: Since most Class C driving cabs are smaller and have a thermal reflective curtain between it and the rest of the RV, they are easier to keep cool or warm.
  • More elbow room: Many Class Cs offer a variety of slide-outs options for expanding your living space when not on the go, making sleeping space and room to entertain a non-issue.
  • Overcab sleeping area: The “frog” or “turtle” sits above the cab of your RV and provides sleeping space for up to two additional people, making it easy to sleep up to 8 adults. This cab is one of the reasons that Class Cs offer the most available sleeping space compared to other RV classes.

On the other hand, Class C RVs do have a few drawbacks to consider. As the saying goes, one man’s punch is another man’s poison, and the same is true of RV features.

Class C Tradeoffs

  • Close in maneuverability: Certain Class Cs are more difficult than others to operate in tight spaces when parking or pulling out.
  • Not city friendly: There are few Class C RVs that are small enough to be driven safely on side streets in major urban areas and cities. If you plan on visiting major cities on your journeys, you will want some alternative form of transportation.
  • Seasonal storage: Most owners don’t consider how much space their RV will take up on their Sammamish property when not in use.
  • Tight quarters: While they can sleep a lot of people for short-term trips, most Class C models are probably going to be too small for full-time occupancy without a slide-out option of some kind.
  • Maintenance and upkeep: The bigger your Class C RV and the more slide-outs it has the more time you will most likely spend on maintenance than with similar, non-slideout models.


The Cost of Class C Motorhomes:

Sticker price isn’t the only consideration you need to make when it comes to purchasing your Class C RV. Obviously, you need to make sure that the cost of the motorhome itself falls within your budget. Buying a brand new Class C RV in the Sammamish area costs between $30,000- $100,000 on average.

While that seems unattainable for many first time buyers, there is good news: used Class C models are much more affordable. “Pre-loved” Class C RVs range in price from $8,000-$30,000, making them significantly more cost effective to purchase. Prices vary according to the number of slide-outs and additional features/amenities of each RV, but overall you will spend less and get more than buying brand new.

The second cost to consider is the superior fuel-economy of a Class C. Depending on the type of driving, a Class C RV averages between 8-12 MPG. This means that your fuel costs for your trip will be significantly less than the Class A RV, which typically calculates out to between $0.50-$1 per mile on mostly highway driving.


Purchasing A Class C Motorhome:

Ready to buy your own Class C RV ? Our RV dealership in Everett, WA has numerous Class C motorhomes available and can fit even the most modest budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to see your new Class C RV for yourself!

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