Class C Motorhomes have been a very popular choice for avid travelers of all types since the 1970’s. These types of traditional RV’s are often similar in shape and size to a large rental vehicle. In many cases, these RV’s can be just as well appointed as Class A RV’s. Additionally, these class c RVs are often the choice of multi-children families in Marysville, due to their large sleeping areas.

Class C RVs Near Me in Marysville

Class C Rv’s For Marysville Residents

The Class C RV, sometimes called mini-motorhomes, are consistently a favorite RV choice for Marysville residents. Second, only to the Class A in size and luxury, Class C RV’s can be customized to fit the needs of retired couples, large families, or anyone in between. With a large selection of slide-outs, as well as several optional features that can be added to new models, Class C is a great all-around choice.

Class C Motorhome benefits include:

  • With many slide-outs available they have a spacious living area
  • Class C sleeps the most of any other motorhome, with room for 8 adults, in part due to the cab-over
    bunk that provides additional sleeping space
  • Class C is relatively easy to maneuver, and people with experience driving large trucks will be able to
    handle it easily.
  • All parts of the RV are easy to access while driving because the living and driving area are connected.
  • Easier to cool and heat compared to a Class A RV due to their smaller size and separating curtains.
  • The cockpit of the RV is considered one of the safest RV of it’s kind.
  • Tow hitch receivers allow for the use of a vehicle behind or a support platform.


Cost of Class C Motorhomes

There are few things that should be considered when you are deciding if you are going to make a purchase of a Class C RV. The cost of the motorhome is the first thing to consider. New Model Class C RV’s will average in price between approximately $30,000 to $100,000. Alternatively, a used Class C motorhome will cost considerably less. The price range for a used Class C RV will range between $8,000 to $30,000. The price varies depending on the number of slide outs and other features of the RV.

The next thing that you need to consider in your budget is the fuel efficiency of the RV you are considering. With most RV’s averaging around eight-12 miles per gallon, this can be a huge saving when compared to Class A RV’s that averages $.50 to $1 each mile.


Purchasing A Class C Motorhome

If you have decided that a Class C RV is the right choice for your family in Marysville, Kirkland RV in Everett has many Class C motorhomes available, with prices that range to fit even the tightest budget. Contact us today discover the motorhomes we have available to you!

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