Welcome to the home of used RV sales and premier customer service in the Bellevue area. For the past 35 years, Kirkland RV has been the local go-to source for Bellevue families seeking to live the RV lifestyle both part and full-time. We pride ourselves on offering only the best inventory of used RVs that are both clean and dependable.

Whether you need a Class A motorcoach for epic cross-country travels or just a simple travel trailer, there is something for every taste and budget here at Kirkland RV.

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Motorhomes for Bellevue Adventurers

Our dealership stocks inventory from a wide variety of manufacturers including Thor, Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Coachmen, Forest River, Skyline, Tiffin, Winnebago, Fleetwood and more. Additionally, our used RVs are more affordable than brand new ones and give you a better value, since our pricing doesn’t include the overhead that comes with selling new vehicles direct from the manufacturer.

More Bellevue local travelers can purchase their motorhome at Kirkland RV thanks to our specialized inventory and uniquely affordable pricing scale. All you need to do is set your budget and decide what type of RV works best for you and your family. Let’s take a look at the different classes of motorhome so you can make an informed decision about what type of RV would best suit you and your family’s needs.

Class A Motorhomes

As RV’s go, these are the ships of the open road. Class A motorhomes can sleep large families or groups of people comfortably, and usually include slide-out rooms that expand the living space while you are camped out.

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Hot showers, functional kitchens, flushable toilets, and queen or king sized beds are considered standard amenities for Class A RVs, and – while they do tend to be pricier – they offer tremendous value. These are the ideal motorhome for anyone looking to camp out for extended periods of time or live in their RV fulltime.

Class A Diesel Pushers

Like their gasoline-fueled cousins, Class A Diesel Pusher RVs are built to be a home away from home on the open road. There are many amenities like bathrooms, functional kitchens, big screen TVs, and large beds in the master suite. The key difference is that Diesel Pushers run on diesel and tend to get slightly better fuel economy compared to gas-burning Class A RVs.

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Additionally, there is also generally a difference in the horsepower of a diesel engine RV compared to one that runs on gasoline. More horsepower from a diesel engine can make all the difference if you are driving uphill or through mountain country on a regular basis. If you plan to travel long distances on a regular basis and are looking for something with a lower fuel demand, a Class A Diesel Pusher may be the best choice for you.

Class B Motorhomes

Often referred to as campervans, Class B motorhomes are more compact that Class A models. The upside to this is that they drive and handle like a minivan or utility van, rather than a gigantic motorcoach/tour bus. This makes parking significantly easier, and Class B owners generally find they don’t have a need to tow or drive a second vehicle to run errands.

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The downside is that Class B RVs generally do not sleep more than two people comfortably, and often lack amenities like kitchens and toilets. They are a good weekend or week-long solution for short-term travelers and campers, but on the whole are more limited as far as extended excursions with large groups are concerned. If your needs are modest and your tastes simple, a Class B is probably the perfect fit for you.

Class C Motorhomes

As the most popular class of RV, Class C Motorhomes are a balanced alternative to Class A or Class B RVs. Most Class Cs have the standard amenities of a Class A like bathrooms, showers, and kitchens, but they tend to be shorter. Many Class C motorhomes also include slide outs for expanding living spaces, just like Class A models. They also have a separate, enclosed cab accessible from the living area via a small doorway.

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Class Cs also have the unique option of a sleeping or crawl space above the cab that lets them sleep more people than even some Class A models. On average, Class Cs can sleep between 8-12 people, making them a popular option for families looking to spend weekends at the lake, or weeklong trips to the beach in the summer. They also tend to carry a far less hefty price tag compared to Class A models. Overall, Class Cs are the most popular class due to their capacity, capabilities, and budget-friendly price tag.

Fifth Wheel RVs

If you already own a pickup truck, a Fifth Wheel RV is an ideal choice. These unique mobile homes are designed to tow behind a pickup like a trailer on a semi truck. Fifth wheels are much easier to maneuver with a pickup as well, making them ideal for parking in tighter spaces at small RV parks. Many fifth wheels also include Class A amenities without costing a fortune to purchase and fuel, like a motorcoach.

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Some fifth wheels even have slide outs to expand your living spaces when they aren’t hitched up for traveling. These are usually the first choice of seniors looking to live on the move, or families looking to live the RV lifestyle who don’t plan to move more than a few times per year. As RVs go, fifth wheels are great for camping in the mountains or weekends at the lake, too.

Bellevue Travel Trailers

If you like the more rustic aspects of camping, but still want a comfortable place to sleep at night, a travel trailer is a great option for the RV life. Travel trailers are often fixed or pop-up campers that can easily be towed on a standard hitch behind any vehicle powerful enough to tow them.

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Travel trailers generally only offer sleeping spaces and some basic storage. Some do come equipped with built-in AC or heat, as well as refrigeration, but these tend to be larger and more expensive models. Still, travel trailers are definitely worth looking into if you want to tow your own affordable accommodations when visiting your favorite places around the country.

The Kirkland RV Difference

Here at Kirkland RV, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer everyone who visits our dealership the opportunity to live the RV lifestyle comfortably and affordable. Our highly trained and qualified technicians inspect every inch of our incoming RVs to determine if they are roadworthy enough and clean enough to be worthy of a berth on our lot.

If it’s faulty, unfixable, or too flawed, we don’t sell it. Looking for an RV with us means you are only looking at the cream of the “pre-loved” crop of RVs available.

Ask how we can help get you and yours in the perfect RV for your many happy adventures traveling and camping together. If you are local to the Bellevue area, check out our inventory online or contact us today, and experience the Kirkland RV Difference for yourself.

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