Looking to buy an RV but don’t know where to begin? There is a lot that RVs have to offer in terms of providing a lavish outdoor lifestyle for many different people. Rather than spend up to hours going back and forth on the different models of RVs there are, it is better to first learn about all the RV classes so that you can narrow down your search of RVs to a more realizable list according to what your budget is and what you want out of a fun recreational vehicle.

Delving into the world of RVs can be a rough transition, but allow us at Kirkland RV to guide you through all the kinds of recreational vehicles there are to own. There are mainly four major types of RVs that you can buy from us. They include class A, class B, class C, fifth wheels and travel trailers.


Class A Motorhomes

Class A RVs are the largest and most prestigious of trailers that you can buy today, and they are coveted by the most loyal of travelers. These RVs are derived from large busses. The drivelines can be configured as a pusher or puller, and the trailer overall can either be a Class A diesel or Class A gas—we at Kirkland RV separate these two RV types by their intake of fuel. Class A RVs are made as long as 45 feet in length, and while vehicles this long usually require you to get a specialty CDL license, that is not the case with a class A.

Class A Motorhomes in Sammamish

These motorhomes provide owners with the largest spaces and features than any other RV type. Some of these RVs come with slide-out areas that give you more room in an instant, and a master bedroom area is very common to have. Other frequent amenities for class A include a dryer, washer, full bath, shower, ice makers, and a lavish entertainment system. There is also plenty of room below for cargo and luggage. With all of this room, you could practically live in a class A forever.

Class A motorhomes are great choices for both short and long-term camping expeditions. Even so, they cost a fortune, and their size can be intimidating. Select RVs may not even be able to access narrow paths. Maneuvering these RVs through curvy mountain trails can be rather dangerous, and they may even be too big for some camping sites. You may even decide to tow a smaller vehicle along so that you can go shopping and run errands. Class A RVs can be impractical for some, but they are most preferable for long expeditions and retirees that want a fun life after working.


Class B Motorhomes

Class B RVs are known as “campervans”. They are normally built on full-sized van chassis and come with a raisable roof so that you can walk upright inside of it. Such as the case with class A, class B RVs are available in both gas and diesel types.

Class B Motorhomes in Sammamish

Class B RVs are the easiest to drive in and park. You can even run errands in a town and park it anywhere that a car could go. They are suitable for one to two people and are typically self-contained.

Even if there are living quarters inside, it can get very cramped and uncomfortable to travel in. There are also appliances available, but they too are small. There is also no room for luxury amenities like an entertainment system, or a lot of cargo for that matter.


Class C Motorhomes

Class C RVs are medium in size, from 20 to 33 feet in length. These RVs derive from existing truck chassis and are intended for families that are looking for a vacation on a tight budget. These RVs usually come with most of the benefits included in class A vehicles but at a reduced cost. If you are not fond of the large presence of a class A trailer, you will find class Cs to be cozier and less intimidating.

Class C Motorhomes in Sammamish

Class C trailers normally have a shower and toilet fixtures, a decent-sized kitchen, and plenty of room to sleep in. Larger versions of class C RVs also have a master bedroom, but RV owners tend to forgo this amenity for a body that is more maneuverable. Couches and tables can turn into beds, and the overhead area above the cab can also be either a bed or storage. The versatile design of this RV allows you to enter it from a side door.

Class C RVs can be about as hard to drive as class As, but they are more tolerable in more campsites. In some locations, they are acceptable for running errands, but not all of them. But the costs for gas, maintenance, and insurance are generally smaller than class A RVs.


Sammamish Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are large containers that act as a home that you take with you on the road. These trailers are made on top of a standard RV frame are come with a number of amenities. Travel trailers can include the bare minimum, or be loaded with every sort of nuance imaginable. These travel trailers are common to include a supply of water, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a refrigeration unit. These trailers can come in big or small sizes, and some even include a separate living quarter in the rear.

Travel Trailers in Sammamish

The main plus of these travel trailers is that they are to be towed with either an SUV, van, or truck. As long as you own one of these vehicles already, you do not need to buy anything else in order to tow this kind of trailer behind you—also aren’t required to learn how to drive a brand new vehicle. If you aren’t going to need to buy another vehicle, and still want to get a living space for the great outdoors, consider a travel trailer.

One thing to watch out for, is that trailers can be hard to maneuver with. It will also be nearly impossible to back up when you have a travel trailer hitched. These trailers also must be level, and the connecting the trailer to your vehicle can take some time and patience. With that said, a trailer can be the best choice for smaller families and hobbyists.


Fifth Wheel RVs

Fifth wheel trailers are similar to travel trailers in some regards. The only exception is that they offer a gooseneck connector that attaches to the towing vehicle, preferably a pickup truck. You will need a vehicle with an open bed or a flatbed. One problem with this, however, is that if you have a large family, it can be a problem to travel them all in just a pickup truck. The quarters inside of a pickup can be intolerable for three or more passengers, and riding in a towed vehicle is against the law.

Fifth Wheel Trailers in Sammamish

Compared to travel trailers, towing a fifth wheel trailer is a lot easier. The gooseneck section protrudes over the back of the pickup truck and links from the overhang of the trailer. This makes the trailer overall easier to maneuver when you tow it. The connection is easier to set-up and is generally more secure than the standard ball hitch. The overhanging section of the trailer also provides a little more space than a travel trailer of similar size. To summarize these trailers, they are reliable and flexible, making them appealing to many passionate campers.


The Kirkland RV Difference

Are you looking to explore the world in an indefinite amount of time? Do you just want something to tow around or a motorhome to drive around? Now that you have a better understanding of all the RV types, you have a great place to begin.

At Kirkland RV, we have a variety of trailers that come in various features and are sold at reduced prices. Whether size, features, maneuverability, or budget is your main priority, we are certain you will find your ideal trailer. Call us today or visit our website to check out our current inventory

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