Are you looking for an affordable, “pre-loved” RV in the Redmond, WA area? It’s time to visit Kirkland RV in Everett. Kirkland RV has been the first choice for first-time RV buyers and families in the greater Seattle and Redmond areas for the past 35 years. Here at Kirkland RV, we take tremendous pride in our inventory. Not a single RV that isn’t clean, dependable, and high quality is allowed on our lot. We carry everything from giant Class A Motor Coaches to simple tow-along travel trailers. No matter your budget or personal taste, Kirkland has the right RV for you.

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Motorhomes for Redmond Travellers

Kirkland RV offers the widest selection of RV manufacturers around, and it is rare to find a brand of RV we don’t have available. Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Thor, Coachmen, Skyline, Winnebago, Tiffin, Forest River, Fleetwood, and many more brands of RVs grace our lot at any given time, Kirkland also has the distinct advantage of being able to offer more affordable RVs for first-time buyers. Rather than charging the full sticker price for a brand new RV, Kirkland only offers “pre-loved” RVs. This allows us to eliminate the manufacturer overhead pricing that comes with buying factory direct RVs, and we pass the savings on to you.

We get more Redmond families started on their RV adventures thanks to our discount inventory and more affordable pricing scale than other RV dealers. Work with our sales team to decide on a price range that fits your budget, and we will find you the perfect RV to fit you and your family’s needs. Here’s a quick overview of the classes of RV we offer to help you decide what type of RV is best for your new RV lifestyle.


Class A Motorhomes

Your new mobile home away from home, Class A RVs are like giant land yachts that get you to and from your favorite vacation spot in comfort and style. These massive road titans offer larger sleeping spaces and more interior living space than any other RV class, and many Class A’s also feature motorized slideouts to expand your interior spaces when you aren’t rolling down the highway.

Class A RV Redmond WA

As a general rule, Class A RVs include many amenities with an eye toward luxury. Full-sized hot showers, flushable toilets, and king or queen sized beds in the master bedroom area are standard, along with many other luxury amenities like big screen TVs, full-size kitchen amenities, and premium audio packages. The drawback of Class A’s is that they tend to have a higher fuel consumption/cost per mile than other RV classes, but they make ideal living quarters for anyone planning to take long vacations several times per year or live the RV life year-round.

Class A Diesel Pushers

Built to be a fully functional home on wheels like their gasoline-powered cousins, Class A Diesel pushers share many traits in common with Class A Motorhomes when it comes to luxurious road trips and living the RV life in style. Fully function kitchens, larger bathroom facilities with full-size showers, and more luxurious living spaces are also the norm for Class A Diesel RVs. The chief difference between the two is Diesel Pushers tend to be more fuel efficient and they cost less per mile to run than gasoline Class A’s.

Class A Diesel Pusher in Redmond WA

Better still, diesel motors also have more torque and brake horsepower than gasoline RV engines, making hill climbing through mountain country easier on the driver, your engine, and your wallet. Another distinct advantage to a diesel Class A is you can stop and refuel at trucks stops, a far easier and less expensive task than trying to pull up to a regular gas pump in a bus-sized motorhome. Anyone planning on long distance road trips back and forth through the United States or migrating to avoid the winter should consider a Class A Diesel Pusher, as it will be more economical to drive and easier to take over mountainous sections of highway.


Class B Motorhomes

Often referred to as campervans, Class B Motorhomes are significantly more compact than Class A’s. As such, these petite campers are much easier to maneuver and handle much the same way as a utility van or minivan handles around town and on the highway. No need to park way back in the lot at the grocery store, you can just pull into a regular space and hop out. Also, you don’t necessarily need to drive or tow a second vehicle with you either, as these can handle driving through cities and major highways easily.

Class B Motorhomes in Redmond WA

The major drawback to a class B is it’s only comfortable for about two people to sleep in, and the amenities are much more limited than those found on Class A and Class C RVs. While it may be less than ideal even for small family travels, it is a good fit for couples and groups of friends who are looking to camp out regularly without many amenities.


Class C Motorhomes

The most popular type of RV by a wide margin, Class C RVs are an ideal blend of the expanded living and sleeping space of Class A with the easier maneuverability and handling as the Class B camper van. Class C’s come standard with bed, bath, and kitchen amenities, and they can sleep more people than even a Class A thanks to the over-cab storage/sleeping area.

Class C Motorhomes in Redmond WA

Furthermore, Class C RVs are also narrower and shorter than a Class A, but larger than a Class B. There are also many Class C RVs that have motorized slide-outs like a Class A to expand the living and sleeping spaces, and they all have a separate cab with a doorway to the passenger compartment, making it much easier to heat or cool the driver and passengers. Class C’s sleep about 8-12 people on average, and they are most popular with medium-sized families who make shorter trips up to the mountains or down to the shore. They also have a far less hefty price tag than a Class A without having to sacrifice as many amenities as they would buying a Class B. All in all, these make a fantastic first RV for families looking to try the RV life for themselves.


Fifth Wheel RVs

A longtime favorite of pickup truck owners, Fifth Wheels are built to be attached to a bed-mounted post in the bed of a pickup. As towed RVs go, Fifth Wheels are definitely the Class A of the bunch. Some fifth wheels even have motorized slide-outs like Class A and C RVs, and almost all have a storage/sleeping space that overhangs the truck bed above the towing post.

Fifth Wheel Trailers in Redmond WA

Driving a pickup with a fifth wheel behind it has been favorably compared to driving a tractor-trailer, though fifth wheels can go anywhere a pickup truck can within reason. They also provide much more living space and better amenities than popup campers and cost far less than Class A RVs while providing many of the same luxury living features found nowhere else. These are best for families or couples who only plan on moving or vacationing a few times a year, or who take infrequent but extended trips around the country.


Redmond Travel Trailers

Many folks consider the RV life to be “glamping”, and enjoy spending time in the outdoors without all the hassle of tent camping. If this describes you and your family, a travel trailer may be the perfect fit. You can experience the great outdoors while keeping warm, dry, and safe from bugs at night. All you need is a tow-hitch on your vehicle, and you can bring your pop-up or fixed configuration travel trailer with you wherever your adventures take you.

Travel Trailers in Redmond WA

If you just need sleeping space and a little storage to save room in your car, SUV, or minivan, these are the RV for you. You can opt for models with heating and air conditioning, as well as small refrigerators that run off of standard RV hookups. The price tag for this type of towed RV is largely determined by amenities, but if you are looking to do some short-term camping a few days or weeks at a time this is a great starter RV option.


The Kirkland RV Difference

Here at Kirkland, our team prides itself on our ability to offer Redmond families the ability to live the RV life comfortably at a price that won’t break the bank. Our first-rate sales staff and technicians are all highly trained and exceptionally qualified to answer any question or provide any service you or your RV may need. Kirkland RV techs are also the local experts for finding and fixing just about any imaginable breakage or problem on any RV and fixing it up good as new.

Furthermore, every RV that we bring onto our lot is inspected inch-by-inch to ensure they are roadworthy and livable enough to receive the privilege of being displayed for sale on our lot. Any RV too flawed or which simply can’t be fixed or repaired is not sold at Kirkland. We guarantee every RV you see on our lot is in the best “pre-loved” condition of any RV sold in the Redmond area.

Contact us today or check out our current inventory. Even better, swing out to our dealership in Everett and have a look around. Our team would be more than happy to help you and your family find the perfect RV for your needs so you can start experiencing the RV life for yourself.

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