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If you are thinking about purchasing an RV, then you know that there are a lot of types of RV’s to choose from. Because different types of RV’s are best for different budgets and travel needs, it’s important to know what the best RV is for you and how saving money by buying a used RV can help plan an even more affordable vacation.

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At Kirkland RV Sales, we have a large selection of every type of RV. Regardless of your personal or family situation, we have a used RV that is perfect for you. So, bring the family and come on over to help pick out your second home! Not sure what type of RV is right for you? Below is a list, with descriptions of each typer of motorhome you could choose.


Class A Motorhomes

When people think of RV’s, they tend to picture class A motorhomes. These are the large, boxy RV’s that you frequently see on the highway. They are often built on a bus or truck chassis and have the low fuel mileage to match— a good and efficient RV can top out at 10 mpg. However, these RV’s are built for comfort, and they usually deliver this in spades. Large and spacious, class A motorhome can accommodate all but the largest of families, and do so while providing all the amenities of home, including comfort and privacy. Many class A motorhomes sports luxuries like separate master bedrooms, spas, satellite hookups, and fully-stocked kitchens. In addition, most class A motorhomes are also large enough to actually tow a small vehicle behind them—which is helpful when you get to your destination and want to travel in the local area.

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Of course, being a larger motorhome means that class A RV’s are also one of the most expensive, which is where it makes sense to consider the used options available to you at Kirkland RV Sales.

Class A Diesel Pushers

Similar in size to the regular Class A, is the Class A Diesel Pusher. As the name implies, these motorhomes are large, just like gasoline-powered class A’s, but they run on diesel fuel instead. You might think this doesn’t make much of a difference—except for the inconvenience of fewer pumps and higher prices but it can affect your RV’s overall performance. Why?

The difference stems mainly from both the power of a diesel engine as well as the configuration of the engine. In a normal class A, the engine is mounted in the front. In a diesel, however, the engine is in the back. This gives your RV more in the way of performance, with higher overall power and a seriously increased towing capacity. In addition and this one is ironic compared to most types of diesel—the rear mounting motor gives you an overall quieter ride.

The other thing to know, though, is that diesel pushers carry a much higher price tag, and this higher price carries over into used RV’s as well. Yes, they are much cheaper used than new, but they are still the most expensive class of RV’s on the market.


Class B Motorhomes

On the smaller side, there are Class B RVs. While offering much less in the way of space or amenities, they are perfect for individuals or couples to get away from it all. Because of their smaller size, they come with many advantages.

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First, they are much easier to drive—many of the class B motorhomes are not much larger than a typical commercial or passenger van, and can be driven and parked in “normal” places like parking lots and gas stations. Second, class B RV’s are also much more fuel efficient. This means that a class B purchase is a whole lot friendlier to your bottom line than a class A purchase, so if sticking to a budget is important to you, class B RV’s might be the place to start.

However, if you are looking to take an entire family or a large group of friends on a trip, the small size of a class B RV can be become a problem, as they are not built to accommodate groups of travelers.


Class C Motorhomes

Class C Motorhomes are designed to fill the gap between the large class A’s and the smaller class B’s. As such, they fit in between in just about every category. Most class C’s are distinguishable by the sleeping compartment that juts out over the front driving area.

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While they may not be able to hold very large groups, most families can fit into a class C rather comfortably. They come with most of the comforts of home and are relatively easy to drive, although they are larger than a normal car or van, so they can’t be driven or parked just anywhere.

Along with running the middle of the road in size, class C’s also are in the middle when it comes to price, as well. So, depending on the size of your budget and the size of your family, a class C motorhome is a smart, wallet-friendly option for most people.


Fifth Wheel RV’s

Another option for many families is a fifth wheel RV. Unlike class A, B, and C models, the fifth wheel does not have a motor on its own. Instead, fifth wheels are called that because a “fifth wheel” is a specific type of towing coupling that is used on larger trailers. You’ve seen these trailers before—they are designed to fit conveniently behind larger pick-up trucks that have a special hitch installed in their bed. The front of the fifth wheel hangs over the bed, fitting together like a jigsaw any vehicle fitted with the right type of coupling will be able to tow a fifth wheel.

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Fifth wheels make up a class of large trailers. Why go for a fifth wheel instead of a class C or even a class A? There are two main reasons. First, since they lack a motor, they are much cheaper than large RV’s. Second, they provide the family with a convenient option for local travel because a fifth wheel requires a vehicle to pull it, you have a vehicle with you when you get to your destination, so you are not stuck in one place.


Federal Way Travel Trailers

Our final type of RV is the travel trailer. As the name implies, these are towed behind a primary vehicle like a fifth wheel. However, unlike fifth wheels, which are large and require a special type of towing coupling, “travel trailers” is the general term for trailers in general, regardless of the size or conveniences included. This means that, regardless of your budget, a trailer exists that is perfect for your situation.

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If you are interested in finding the perfect RV for you and your family, you need to see the wide variety of options available to you at Kirkland RV. If you’d like to talk to us more about our inventory and how we can help put you in your dream, RV, please contact us today.

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