Are you a Marysville, Washington local? Are you ready to start living your best RV life? The Kirkland RV Team in Everett has the perfect used RV for your needs, budget, and lifestyle. As the best choice for first-time RV buyers and families in the greater Seattle and Marysville area for over three decades, Kirkland RV is the place to go when shopping for an RV to start you on your RV lifestyle journey.

Used RVs For Sale near me in Marysville

We take great pride in our inventory here at Kirkland, and not a single RV that isn’t clean, dependable, and high quality is allowed on our lot. Our stock of used RVs is full of every shape and size, from mammoth Class A Motor Coaches to toy haulers and tow-along travel trailers. Regardless of your budget or personal taste, Kirkland always has the right RV for your RV lifestyle needs.


Motorhomes for Marysville Travellers

Kirkland RV has the best selection of used RVs in the Marysville area, and it is rare to find a brand of RV we don’t have in stock. Holiday Rambler, Monaco, Thor, Coachmen, Skyline, Winnebago, Tiffin, Forest River, Fleetwood, and many more brands can be found on our lot at any given time. Better still, thanks to our unique purchasing methods we can offer affordable RVs for first-time buyers.

Full sticker price for a brand new RV can be a lot to overcome for many individuals and families looking to get into RV living, so Kirkland only offers “pre-loved” RVs in prime condition. This allows us to eliminate the manufacturer overhead pricing associated with buying RVs factory direct and make your dreams of life on the road in your RV easier to achieve.

Our discount inventory and affordable pricing scale help Kirkland RV get more Marysville families rolling on their new RV adventures. When you come to visit our dealership, you will work with a member of our sales team to decide on a price range that fits your budget, and we will select the best RV that fits your needs from our current on-hand inventory. Unfamiliar with RV classes and what the letters/names mean? Here’s a quick overview of typical RV classes we offer to help you choose the RV class that’s best for your new RV life.


Class A Motorhomes

The “land yacht” of RVs, Class As are rolling behemoths that transport you overland to and from your favorite vacation spot in luxurious style. Expect larger sleeping spaces and more interior living space than any other RV class, and many Class As make use of motorized slideouts to expand your living space when you aren’t traveling.

As a general rule, Class A RV amenities are designed to provide a mobile luxury living. Flush toilets, full-size showers, and baths and king or queen sized beds come standard on Class As. For those who want all the comforts of home, any high-end amenities like large flat screen TVs, full-size refrigerators and kitchen appliances, washers and dryers and premium audio packages are also available on many Class As.

Near Me Used Class A RVs in Marysville

The drawback of Class As is their higher fuel consumption/cost per mile compared to other RV classes, but hauling around all that luxury living space does tend to require a powerful engine. All in all, Class As are ideal for anyone planning to take long vacations several times per year or live the RV life year-round.

Class A Diesel Pushers

Like their gasoline-burning cousins, Class A Diesel Pushers are small luxury homes on wheels that share much in common with Class A Motorhomes for luxurious road trips and living the RV life in style. Full-size appliances, large bathroom facilities with full-size showers and tubs, and spacious interior living spaces are par for the course with Class A Diesel RVs. The primary difference between the two is Diesel Pushers tend to burn less fuel per mile and cost less per mile compared to standard gasoline-powered Class As.

Additionally, diesel motors also have more torque and brake horsepower than gasoline RV motors, making driving through the mountains or up and down hills easier on you and your RVs engine. If you plan to make road trips back and forth across the United States or migrate from north to south to avoid the winter, definitely consider a Class A Diesel Pusher. It’s less expensive per-mile and drives better on extended trips over varied terrain.


Class B Motorhomes

Typically called camper vans, Class Bs are significantly more compact than Class As. Think of a Sprinter utility truck with sleeping spaces, and you’ve got it just about right. These much smaller campers are also much easier to maneuver in town and on the highway since they drive much like your average utility van or minivan.

Near Me Used Class B RVs in Marysville

What’s the catch? Class Bs are usually only comfortable for about two people to sleep in, and what they gain in convenience due to their size they lack in available amenities like toilets and showers. In short, Class B RVs are less-than-ideal for large family camping trips, but they are a great fit for couples and groups of friends who are looking to camp out regularly while “roughing it”.


Class C Motorhomes

Class Cs reign supreme as far as popularity is concerned and these mid-size RVs are an ideal blend of the features and convenience of Class As and Class B campervans. Class Cs come standard with beds, decent-sized bathroom facilities, and compact kitchen amenities.

Used Class C RVs in Marysville Near Me

Moreover, they can sleep more people than even a Class A since most feature an over-cab storage/sleeping area. Some Class Cs also come equipped with slideouts for expanded living space like Class As. Altogether, Class Cs are a great choice for large families and groups of families who want to spend weekends or a week at a time in the mountains or by the shore, and they cost far less than a Class A without sacrificing a lot of must-have amenities.


Fifth Wheel RVs

Got a pickup truck? Fifth wheel RVs attach to a truck-bed-mounted post in a pickup for easy and secure towing. As tow-trailer RVs go, fifth wheels are considered the Class A motorcoach of the breed, and many include motorized slideouts like those found on self-powered RVs. Moreover, most fifth wheels have extended sleeping/storage space over the towing post

Used Fifth-wheel trailers in Marysville

Fifth wheels can also offer luxury living features not possible on self-powered RVs since they don’t need to leave room for an engine compartment. Generally speaking, fifth wheels are best for families or couples who only plan on traveling a few times throughout the year, or who take annual cross country road trips.


Marysville Travel Trailers

There are some who consider the RV life to be “glamping”, or inauthentic camping. If you also don’t want to hassle with setting up and tearing down a large tent every time you stop for the night on a trip though, a travel trailer may be the perfect RV fit.

Used Travel Trailers for sale in Marysville

You can keep warm, dry, and bug-free with zero hassle, and all you need is a tow hitch for your van, truck or SUV. The price tag for this type of towed RV is largely determined by amenities, but if you are looking to do some short-term, rustic camping a few days or weeks at a time this is a great starter RV option.


The Kirkland RV Difference

The Kirkland RV Team takes pride in on our ability to offer Marysville families an affordable RV lifestyle. Our people on the sales floor and in the repair shop are all highly trained and exceptionally qualified to help you get in the RV that’s right for you and keep your RV running in top condition. Our service technicians are also the Marysville local experts for troubleshooting any issues you may have with your RV and getting it back on the road in no time.

Contact us or visit our website today to find out what we’ve got in stock. Feel free to swing by our dealership in Everett and have a look around, too. Our team is always ready, willing and able to help you find the right RV for you and your new RV lifestyle.

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