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Located just 20 minutes from Bothell in Kirkland, our inventory includes used RVs for all price ranges. Whether you’re looking for a spacious RV for the entire family or a smaller model for couples’ or solo travel, we’ve got you covered.

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Motorhomes for Bothell Travelers

Searching for an all-in-one RV? Motorhomes offer you the ability to travel without having to tow your RV, making them perfect for family vacations, long-distance trips, and other situations that require the convenience of a self-propelled vehicle.

Motorhomes come in three different types:

  • Class A motorhomes – offer an incredible amount of space, built on a platform that’s either specially designed or adapted from a commercial truck chassis.
  • Class B motorhomes – are built using the chassis (and often other parts) of a conventional van, offering a mix of convenience, comfort, and affordability.
  • Class C motorhomes – easy to identify thanks to their cab-over profile are often known as “mini-motorhomes.”

At Kirkland RV Sales, we offer all three classes of used motorhomes. Below, you can read more about our range of used RVs, as well as the key advantages of each motorhome class.


Class A Motorhomes

Ideal for families and travelers seeking plenty of interior space, Class A motorhomes provide a spacious interior that lets you stretch out, relax, and enjoy many of the comforts of home while you travel.

Many Class A motorhomes are equipped with features such as slide-out living areas—allowing you to enjoy extra space once you’ve set up camp. If you’re looking for an RV that combines convenience with the feel of being at home, a Class A motorhome is likely your best option. Class A Motorhome in Bothell WA

Class A motorhomes are available in two configurations. Standard Class A motorhomes use a conventional gas-powered engine. You can also purchase a Class A diesel pusher, which we’ll explain next.

Despite their luxury factor, Class A motorhomes do have one key disadvantage—their cost per mile is by far the highest of all RV classes.

All in all, Class A motorhomes are a great option for families and travelers seeking a little extra comfort on vacation. If your budget allows, a used Class A motorhome is a great way to ensure you have everything you need, from interior space to modern tech while you travel.


Class A Diesel Pushers

Class A diesel pushers mix the spacious interior and modern features of a Class A motorhome with an affordable, efficient diesel engine, allowing you to cover long distances at a lower cost than with a conventional gas Class A RV.

Class A disel pusher Motorhomes in Bothell WA

Like conventional Class A RVs, Class A diesel pushers can include a range of luxury features, from slide-out living areas (often several slide-out areas per RV) to modern technology, luxury furniture and more.

If you’re searching for a vehicle that combines the luxury factor of a Class A RV with the cost efficiency of diesel, a Class A diesel pusher is likely a good choice for you.


Class B Motorhomes

Don’t need the luxuries of a Class A motorhome? If you’re looking to get out and explore the world without the huge interior or luxurious amenities of a Class A motorhome—not to mention the high cost per mile, a Class B motorhome could be the ideal solution.

Also known as “camper vans,” Class B motorhomes deliver the camping experience, with the modern conveniences and technology of a motor vehicle.

Class B Motorhomes in Bothell WA

Typically built on a commercial van chassis, Class B motorhomes include raised ceilings for a more comfortable living area that allows for standing. The interior is also expanded to provide spaces for sleeping, bathing, preparing food, and relaxing.

Because of this small size and weight, Class B motorhomes are by far the most fuel efficient of any RV class. As such, they’re a great choice if your goal is to explore the country without the costs or inconveniences of a larger, heavier and more fuel-dependent vehicle.


Class C Motorhomes

Searching for a midpoint between the spacious and costly Class A motorhome and the smaller, less luxurious Class B motorhome? Class C motorhomes (which are also known as “mini-motorhomes”) offer many of the comforts of a Class A model at a much lower cost.

Designed and built to similar dimensions as a rental moving truck, a Class C motorhome offers a great combination of comfortable living with easy maneuverability. With spacious living areas and plenty of modern comforts, Class C homes are a great middle option for RV buyers.

Class C RVs in Bothell WA

While Class C motorhomes aren’t quite as efficient as Class B motorhomes, they deliver much better fuel efficiency than their larger, heavier Class A counterparts. They’re also far easier to maneuver, although some models may struggle with tight, narrow city streets.

Overall, if you’re searching for a spacious, family-friendly RV that delivers lots of comforts at a manageable price, a Class C motorhome is a great option.


Fifth Wheel RVs

Ideal for towing behind your truck, fifth wheel RVs offer the spacious interior of a large Class A or Class C RV without the motor, allowing you to enjoy a luxurious experience while using your regular vehicle.

Known for their overhanging section, which covers the trailer of your truck, fifth wheel RVs can pack a huge range of features into a convenient design, from slide-out living areas to a range of entertainment options, kitchen areas, bathrooms, and more.

Many fifth-wheel RVs are also often equipped with a panoramic window at the rear, giving you a great view of your camping area.

Fifth-wheel RVs in Bothell WA

Since fifth wheel RVs are towed behind your vehicle, you’ll need a capable vehicle to transport your RV to and from your campsite. Because of their design, fifth wheel RVs aren’t able to be towed behind many SUVs and crossovers—instead, you’ll need a flatbed or open truck.


Bothell Travel Trailers

Looking for a versatile, affordable RV to tow behind your vehicle? Travel trailers offer a fantastic combination of comfortable living and versatility, with a simple design that makes them easy to tow behind any capable SUV, crossover, or other similar vehicles.

Similar to fifth wheel RVs, travel trailers are designed for towing behind your vehicle. However, unlike fifth-wheel RVs, travel trailers don’t have an overhanging front section, letting them fit in the towing space behind a wider range of vehicles.

Bothell RV Travel Trailers

From separate bathrooms and showers to comfortable living areas, travel trailers offer a range of great interior features. However, on the whole, they’re generally less well equipped than fifth wheel RVs, Class A, or C motorhomes.

If you’re searching for a versatile and convenient RV that won’t break the bank, a travel trailer is a fantastic choice. We offer a large range of used travel trailers to suit all budgets, giving you an incredible range of choices as a customer.


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